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What is the finest option to send money to India from Malaysia?

International bank transfer to India from Malaysia

If you are an Indian citizen living in Malaysia, you would often send money to your loved ones back home. There are several options as technology has evolved tremendously in recent years. One of them is bank transfer, which is economical and convenient. All you need is the bank details of the recipient handy with you. You can transfer money by availing of the services of a reputed money transfer company.

How to get the best Malaysian Ringgits to Indian Rupees exchange rate?

Various factors determine the cheapest option. These include the payment method, the amount you want to transfer, and pick-up mode. A money transfer company is an ideal option when we consider all aspects. You can get the best Malaysian Ringgits to Indian Rupees exchange rate, low service charges, and dedicated customer support.

How to send money with a debit card

Sending money abroad to your loved ones in India is also possible with the help of a debit card. In order to send money with a debit card you will need the recipient’s account details with you. When initiating the transaction, ensure that you add all the information correctly. You will receive a confirmation message with additional information to track the transfer status. The amount will reach your recipient within a day.

How to get the best rates for INR remittance

Traditional banks were a preferred option in the past. However, they offer terrible exchange rates and charge high service fees. Money transfer is not their primary service, which makes them less reliable. You can choose a money transfer agency that helps you get the best value for your money. They do not have markups or hidden charges that increase the transaction cost.

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