What are the inclusions and exclusions of PAI?

Accidents are so unpredictable to happen and no one knew the consequences they will leave. Also with the consequences, there is no exact recovery of time being discussed. This is why ประกันอุบัติส่วนบุคคล helps the person in staying a lot bit stress-free and get recovered at a fast pace without any stress.

What is a Personal Accident Insurance?

When a person walks out of their place they have no idea what is waiting for him and at what moment. And in case their vehicle got banged with someone else, everything turns upside down. This is when ประกันอุบัติส่วนบุคคล comes into play. If a person got themselves injured due to an accident, then they don’t need to worry about their expenses unless and until they are perfectly fine to start their earnings again.

It is a policy that covers the medical cost of a person along with providing them with compensation if the person faced any disability or death condition due to the accident.

This policy covers disability areas like loss of vision, loss of speech, and hearing loss as well. By using this policy, the person will be having all the same benefits as that of IPA.

There are two types of PIA:

  • Individual Accident Insurance: This type of insurance is offered to an Individual for damages they will suffer at the time of the accident.
  • Group Accident Insurance: This type of insurance is offered to employers for their employees into this policy and so to help them in getting compensation for any disability or damage they are suffering due to an accident.

This plan provides so much beneficial for the party or person by providing them family security, 24*7 support services, funeral, and legal expenses, Customizable plans available and so many others, which makes it the uppermost priority for people of any age.

What are the inclusions on this Policy?

Some of the happening which are included under this list to help the individual or the family of the individual are:

  • The first is the death by accident.
  • The second cover partial or total disability.
  • Then the third one is Accidental Dismemberment.
  • After that, it also covers hospitalization charges, medical expenses, life support benefits, child education support, daily allowances, broken bones, burns, ambulance, and accidental dismemberment as well.

But there are some exclusions as well, which are not covered in this policy like preexisting injury or disability, natural death, pregnancy, childbirth, self-injuries, suicide, non-allopathic treatments, the influence of intoxicants, criminal act commitment, participation in the military, navy, air force, sports activities or adventurous, etc.

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