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Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator Before Transferring Your Home Loan!

Buying a house is a huge achievement and one that almost every individual aims for. However, affording a property in India is not that easy, which is why most people apply for home loans for financial support. Now, there are a lot of loan plans that borrowers can choose from based on terms that are suitable to them. However, it is important to note that lenders keep coming out with home loans that offer better benefits. Does this mean that you have to lose out on a current deal just because of an existing one? Not at all! You can always opt for a home loan balance transfer. With this, the outstanding loan amount is transferred from one lender to another. 

Before opting to transfer your home loan, make sure to use a home loan refinance calculator. This is an online tool that helps in getting an estimate of the money that you would end up saving by transferring your home loan to a new lender.

Here are the top reasons why any borrower refinancing their home loan should use a home loan transfer calculator:

  1. A home loan balance transfer can help in understanding the potential savings

The main motive of transferring a home loan is to save money on the overall cost of the loan. With a home loan balance transfer EMI calculator, you will know the exact amount that can be saved by transferring the loan. Based on this information, you can understand whether the revised home loan interest rate being offered by the new lender is worth it or not.

  1. This calculator will display the revised monthly instalments after the loan gets transferred

One thing you need to be sure of is that the EMIs of the home loan can be afforded. To know this, you would need to know the revised EMIs after the loan gets transferred. This is what a home loan balance transfer will help you with, as this tool will display the exact EMI details based on the new lender’s terms.

  1. It provides accurate results and is quite simple to operate

Instead of manually calculating the loan’s EMIs and risking an error, it is much easier and safer to just make use of a home loan balance transfer EMI calculator. This is because it provides accurate details that you can rely on. Also, it is really simple to use! All that it requires are details regarding the outstanding loan amount, the revised interest rate, and the remaining repayment tenure, based on which it will display the loan’s EMI results.

With the help of a home loan balance transfer calculator, you will know whether refinancing your home loan is a good decision or not. You can find this tool on any lender’s website and can use it at any time for free. Thanks to this tool, you can avoid any repayment problems when it comes to clearing off the monthly instalments of the loan. Also, before going ahead with the transfer, make sure to calculate the charges involved, such as the processing fees.

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