Top 5 must-haves in a parking payment service provider

 In the olden days, the only way to pay for parking was through coins. The drawback of the method was one was always supposed to have loose cash at hand to attain parking. The options to park today are various. Sometimes one, or both sides of the road can be utilised to stop and park the vehicle and sometimes, proper venues are dedicated to parking facilities. Several buildings provide the building users’ with the convenience of parking areas. 

Today, there are various ways a parking ticket can be bought without the hassle of carrying around loose change. If you are looking for a  parking payment service provider, these are the 5 must-haves that are essential for a smooth operation. 

1)      Pay-by-smartphone 

Almost everybody has a smartphone that they carry with them. They also expect most of the things like buying, making transactions, booking seats in a favourite restaurant through it. Why shouldn’t they wish to avail parking through it? To provide a seamless service, make sure to offer the option of buying a parking ticket via a smartphone. Another advantage of providing the possibility is that the users’ can be notified in the text about the expiration time of the buying and they can extend it if they need to. Paying through smartphones also provides customers with more than one method of payment. 

2)      Pay-by-plate 

Remember, convenience is the key. Today, users like to have more than one option. In this case, you can provide them with another option of buying a parking ticket, and that is through their car’s number plate. The user will have to make payment at a pay station by entering the license plate number. An enforcement officer will later check the details at the pay station or inspect the list of paid license plates. 

3)      Adequate parking space 

In order to make the parking process smooth, you have to make sure that you have enough space. Sometimes, it happens that the customers are shown a space online, but when they reach the parking venue, there is no spot available.

 4)      Environmentally friendly 

 People are more environmentally aware now. They also incline more towards services that are considerate of the environment. Showing them that you care about it can be a great way to boost business. You can achieve this by installing an energy-efficient lighting system, efficient waste management system, and reducing power by installing motion sensors. The bonus is, along with impressing customers, you will be contributing to the betterment of the environment! 

5)      Parking apps 

This point is linked with the pay-by-smartphone option. Improving customer service also means making the process more efficient and convenient for the users. Parking apps allow customers to find parking spots without wasting time circling around the venue to find one and it also allows them to reserve it. Along with that, the customers will be able to view pricing information on the app. To take it one step further, you can extend the convenience of updating the users about the expiration of the parking time so that they can update it. 


Parking payment system is not a new concept however, with constantly evolving technology, it is important to incorporate as many technological advancements as possible. By doing this, you are ensuring that your customers have a hassle-free experience which makes their lives easier.

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