The Best Features of a Fitness Tracker & Wellness App in India

With today’s day and age, fitness is something that many individuals are conscious about right from going for a daily jog to having a regular workout session. Even if you don’t have a dedicated gym subscription, you must want to track your steps and know the general fitness of your body. For this, you shall find numerous fitness tracker and wellness apps to keep a check on your health. But with an endless number of apps being available, how do you choose the right one? So, let’s understand some of the best features you should have in a fitness tracker and wellness app to get the most out of it.

Customised Experience

Every person isn’t alike, and we all have separate needs and requirements. This makes customisation a crucial feature to have in a fitness app so that you can personalise the settings. Elements like goal setting, tracking progress or performance, saving the fitness records, planning customised workouts and deadlines, etc. are a must-have for applications for a smooth fitness journey. You can then track the course of your exercise and set personal targets regularly by reviewing your previous achievements. Thus, you can now maintain your health through such features of a wellness app!

Integration of Geolocation

Enabling users to integrate their geolocation with the fitness tracker goes a long way in helping trace your development. With geolocation, you can easily track your walking paths and the minimal time taken to complete the route. Activities such as swimming cycles, steps walked, and other such movements can be saved with the wellness app. Therefore, you can go on with your exercises without a worry about noting down your progress as the online application has got you!

Reminders and Push Notification

As an individual who is working out regularly, missing a session could set you back which isn’t ideal. With options such as push notifications and setting up reminders, you can avoid forgetting your daily routine amidst office and work. Being able to customise such interactions with a fitness app helps users utilise the features seamlessly. It’s also an added advantage to get reminders to complete your personalised goals. But sometimes one too many alerts from the app can quickly annoy many users causing them to switch over to something else. So, ensure that your app doesn’t keep showing you endless ads and notifications.


We have all experienced a spurt of energy that rushes through our system when our favourite song begins to play. This makes the activity at hand easier to complete. Such concepts can be applied to a fitness tracker app as well to keep the users engaged. It helps them finish goals in a shorter time and stay on the application for a longer period. Thus, you need an app that encourages you to do better through interesting rewards, leadership boards, progress bars, etc. You shall find yourself wanting to compete for a higher score on the leadership board or for some in-built app bonuses. By working out with such interesting apps, your health goals will be met in no time!

Multi-Device Connection

So, maybe you love wearing your fitness watch to the gym or for your morning workout session. But you prefer tracking your steps to the office via your mobile and view the progress so far on your tablet. This is the reason why synchronisation with multiple devices is a much-needed feature that your fitness app should have. With the increasing popularity of fitness wearables, being able to track your workout with the smartwatch becomes essential. So, if you are one of those users who would prefer the application syncing with your tablet, mobile, watch, laptop, or any other device, ensure you prioritise this feature.

Varied Tracker Options

When it comes to fitness and health, it not only consists of checking your steps and marking the number of exercises completed in a day. It also means keeping track of your food and water intake. Numerous apps are now coming up with such interesting features where you can also track your sleep to understand your sleep cycle. Having a varied number of options can really turn a fitness app into an all-rounder that manages the number of calories eaten per day and reminds you to stay hydrated.

Now, you can pick a suitable app to maintain your health and stay fit! Get the ILTakeCare app by ICICI Lombard which offers the users with a fitness tracker that records steps, sleep patterns, your diet and much more. You can be in the pinkest of health with the help of a specially curated wellness blogs available on the app, too!

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