Mistakes to avoid during online mobile recharge

If you have some experience of using a smartphone for the facilities it offers, you might be very pleased with the services you can reach. There are chances that you might be uninformed of the peril that unsecured networks can do to you. Even though the Internet makes life easy, there are skilled people who have the knowledge to get your payments details and are willing to steal them. Also, every mortal being is prone to mistakes and it is not possible to recognise one until it is already too late. It is time to take a look at the mistakes that you need to avoid when you are doing online recharge.

  1. Using a public network to recharge – It would be a very good idea not to use a public Wi-Fi to make transactions. You should use your mobile Internet connection or return home before you do your recharge through your home network. Sensitive data can be captured easily through a public network. Even there might be hackers who create a fake network to steal valuable information. You might not even know this until it is too late. Do not recharge through a public network.
  1. Saving payment information – Though saving your payment information makes life easier, you can get around without doing that. In case there is a data breach, your payment information would not be stolen. While you are doing an online recharge, make sure that you do not save the details of your credit or debit cards. Also, reputed websites like that of the Airtel Payments Bank is much safer compared to other third-party vendors. Trust your information only with reputed brands.
  1. Missing out on benefits – This is a very important point that you should commit to memory. If you are recharging online, why not use every benefit? There are payment platforms that will offer a lot of cashback and discounts. You can take the Airtel Payments Bank as a shining example. You would get Rs. 40 cashback every time. However, you need to make sure that you create an account and log into the website. This will allow you to take advantage of the service.
  1. Recharging a plan that would not prove to be very useful – Make sure that you are recharging through a platform that has a good interface and shows you all the options. Look at the facilities that each plan provides and make a calculated guess of the plan that costs the least and yet offers the best benefits. Keep in mind that these benefits are actually useful to you. If you recharge with a plan offering 3 GB of data per day and you stay in a place with poor network coverage or you do not use the entire data cap every day, you can very well save some money by opting for a cheaper plan.
  1. Putting in the wrong mobile number – When you are doing an online recharge, make sure that you put in the right numbers. Recharging to a wrong number would mean that you are recharging for someone else. You would lose the money and not avail the benefits. This would be a very awful mistake.

These are some of the mistakes you can avoid easily during online mobile recharge.

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