How did covid-19 affect currency exchange and money transfer abroad?

The covid-19 has played havoc in everyone’s life. The global economy suffered a setback. People are jobless and helpless. Remittance is the need of the hour. It’s time for the stronger to help the weaker stand against the turbulence of this pandemic. And to help the ones who are ready to help, forex companies are ready with their forex services to send and receive foreign currency.

You can send money abroad through these companies. But you have to be cautious enough to choose the well-experienced and secure dealer in the market. So that you get the top-notch customer experience with no hidden charges. They can quote the best forex rates when you send money to children abroad since they always keep an eye on the forex rates, which have been heavily fluctuating with the onset of the coronavirus.

You can select either wire transfer or demand draft to send money abroad. But as of now, it is not recommended to use the demand draft since it is dependent on external factors like mail and visit-in person. And in this time of uncertainty, it is not wise to go with it.

You can opt for a wire transfer since the transfer of funds is done by utilizing the SWIFT network. It connects almost all banks from different countries to provide a seamless and express transfer experience. And it is the apt one in this time of emergency.

You can also recharge the forex cards of your loved ones from here and they could use them there to meet their financial requirements.

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