Fund Options to Invest in Through Kotak e-Invest

Over the years, it has become imperative to make mindful investments. Since these investments are important to secure your financial future and bring guaranteed returns, one must carefully inspect the plans they opt for. Kotak e-invest is one such ULIP plan that helps make the right investments and receive added protection simultaneously.

If you invest in Kotak e-invest, you get to experience a host of benefits. The flexibility is high; there are yearly additions, and numerous fund options only improve your reasons as to why investing in this plan is a wise choice. Let us learn more about this as we read. It will surely guide you in securely chalking out your finances for the future.

Fund Options to Invest In Kotak E-invest

There are numerous fund options to choose from when you wish to invest in Kotak e-invest. Each of them has its own set of benefits to offer. That is why we urge you to consult your policy provider and seek additional details about them when in need. They can help you invest in the right fund option as per your budget, needs and preferences.


  1. Balanced Fund

If you wish for your finances to grow moderately over time, Balanced Fund is the right option to scout for. With this fund, you can choose to invest in a multitude of equities and fixed-interest instruments.

  1. Money Market Fund

If you are scared and have a low-risk appetite, Money Market Fund is the one to opt for. It provides comprehensive protection to your capital and leaves no downside risks. This happens because it invests nearly 100% of the premium that is available in money-market instruments.


  1. Dynamic Bond Fund

High-interest rate risks are inevitable sometimes. But with Dynamic Bond Fund, you can finally say goodbye to them. The fund option reduces the problems of interest rate risk exponentially. This is possible by investing in floating rate debt instruments with consistent returns and interest rate movements.

  1. Classic Opportunities Fund

If you are aiming at long-term capital growth, Classic Opportunities Fund is ideal for you. So, you can experience maximization of your capital growth for the long run via stock investments in mid-sized and large firms.

  1. Frontline Equity Fund

Contrary to the Balanced Fund, the Frontline Equity fund offers high capital growth. However, a large sum of your money will be drawn towards equities for large-scale firms here.

  1. Dynamic Gilt Fund

Here, all your investments are secured mindfully as the money is put into Government securities. So, the default risk is at zero.

  1. Dynamic Floating Rate Fund

Here, the fund allows you to invest in premium corporate bonds. But this is done at the same time as generating fixed returns.

The Bottom Line

To invest in Kotak e-invest is easy. However, we will recommend you to first research it thoroughly and make a mindful choice. Find out why you need it, how it can help you in the long run and what you are aiming to derive from it. You can choose your fund option accordingly. Remember to consider the package that is most suited to your needs and preferences. By doing so, you can eliminate a large chunk of your financial problems in the long run. Start investing today to see the difference in no time.

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