EAF Want Us To Understand That Changes In Attitude Can Help Protect Our Planet

EAF is a Federation of four Global Corporations who share the mission to educate the world on green matters and remind us of our moral responsibilities

EAF is an Intergovernmental organization composed of four Trans National Global Corporations. Unlike the vast majority of organizations, they are not interested in selling you their products. Instead, they are simply asking us to consider some of the attitudes that we currently have. If you head over to their website, you will see that they pose this question, “What have you, as individuals, as nations and as the Earth’s inhabitants done to take care of Mother Earth?” A question that initially made me feel uncomfortable, but after a short period of reflection I knew exactly why it made me feel this way. Because I have been ignoring the problems our planet is facing for too long now.

We Can Change Our Attitudes Today

EAF is not unsympathetic towards the everyday challenges people face. A full-time job, kids to take care of, etc. With all of this factored in it can be difficult to consider our role in the bigger picture of green matters and the damage mankind is doing to the planet. Especially after so little appears to be achieved by people who have real power, right?

EAF put forward the case that “Not enough is being done to help protect our planet and that we can’t rely on world leaders and politicians to address these issues anymore.” So instead of focusing our attention on such people where are, concerns are often met with deaf ears, we should focus our attention on getting people to think about the moral responsibility they have towards the planet.

The most influential people in the world, the decision-makers, do not make these issues a priority according to EAF. Most nations are recklessly and rapidly mining the earth for raw materials, blindly believing that Mother Earth’s resources are eternal.

“ If Jesus saw this World Today, he would depend on the Remaining Good, here on Earth. Instead of waiting on God or a Savior to magically wash away the Global Corruption in all spheres.”— the Architect of EAF LaRdas QU Asmaat

EAF Are Not Just Wanting To Change Attitudes, They Also Have Solutions

EAF has many practical, environmentally friendly, and humanitarian alternatives to some of the practices that are currently in place. According to recent polls and extensive research-based studies, customers currently believe that high-quality products are too expensive, so they buy cheap, toxic versions. EAF has visions of changing this malicious system and replacing current harmful practices with ones that are built with the world’s interest at their foundation.

What Are Some Of The Problem EAF Are Referring To?

I guess if I wanted to list all the things we could do to make our planet a better place to live, this would end up being an endless article, so I will just address some of the things I highlighted from EAF’s website.

EAF state that humans are poisoning their own food, water, and air with chemicals and pollution, resulting in too many unnecessary resource wars to be fought. Materialism and greed have become prevalent goals of the modern world, deteriorating our individual spiritual powers and gradually turning us away from wholesome natural laws and spirituality. 

Civilization is traveling down a road of destruction and there continue to be no sufficient efforts to stop this path we are on. Global Warming has become a prominent issue forcing the most vulnerable, our children, to take matters into their own hands since we, their parents, have done nothing but bring our planet to this stage.

The EAF Four Veins

The EAF upholds 4 Veins, or principles, that are innovative infrastructures designed to restore humanity’s well-being. These all address solutions for separate issues with the shared mission of protecting our planet.

They have ECO projects that are calibrated to educate nations to respect Mother Earth

value water and appreciate nature. This is achieved by integrating all citizens into a circular economic lifestyle and mindset. Essentially, the 4 Veins are meant to restore Mother Earth by purifying and protecting Air, Land, and Water. The information regarding their four veins is too much to explain here in great detail. I urge you to check out their website to see all the great work they are doing.

The EAF exists independently of donations from individuals or other organizations. They encourage interested parties to make direct Eco-Investments into their projects. Most non-profit organizations that fight for environmental issues depend on inconsistent external funding. Consequently, those organizations become ineffective from their main objective – to educate the citizens and ensure mass awareness of the devastating consequences of environmental damage. 

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