Are You A Responsible Biker?

One of the more accessible ways of transportation in India is the two-wheeler. Many middle-class families favour motorcycles because of their inexpensive cost and high level of durability. You, as a potential consumer, could choose from a large selection of bikes made by numerous bike manufacturers in India.

To be financially protected against the consequences of potential accidents on the road, for instance, acquiring bike insurance online is one of many duties you should be aware of when considering buying a bike. What other actions can you take to improve your riding? To learn more about it, keep reading.

Always adhere to the law

Following the laws and regulations for road safety is just common sense. Bikers frequently drive recklessly, endangering not just themselves but also the people around them. Vehicle overtaking can occasionally be deadly and highly unsafe. To ensure a safe and fun riding experience, it is your responsibility as a bike rider to refrain from engaging in such behaviour and adhere to the regulations as intended.

Put on a helmet

India has one of the highest percentages of traffic-related fatalities worldwide. The failure to use safety gear when riding a bike is a big factor. A helmet can help lower your chance of suffering catastrophic injuries, particularly to the head. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, helmets are now required to be worn by riders. Helmets that are both durable and affordable are widely available nowadays. Without a helmet, you run a higher risk of getting hurt while biking, plus you risk getting penalised.

Upkeep for your bike

You must regularly have your bike serviced if you want the long-term seamless operation of your bike. When you ride your bike frequently, it experiences wear and tear. This has an impact on the safety that your bike offers you as a rider, in addition to how well your bike performs. Longer periods without servicing your bike could make accidents more likely. While the cost of repairs will be covered by your bike insurance online in the event of an accident, this can be prevented by having your bike serviced properly.

A current insurance update

Investing in quality two-wheeler insurance is the only way to guarantee that you receive better financial protection from on-road accidents. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, you are required to have at least third-party insurance for your motorcycle. You could be penalised if you don’t have insurance. Additionally, it’s critical to extend your coverage before it expires. Using your insurer’s bike insurance app will make this simple.

You can renew the coverage online in a few simple steps. It could be problematic for you if you are caught riding your motorcycle with an expired insurance policy. First of all, driving without insurance could result in a fine. Second, because your policy would have expired if your bike were to be damaged in an accident and you attempted to file a claim for compensation, your claim might be rejected right away. Also, look for a policy with personal accident cover in bike insurance.

Install only genuine components

Your bike needs to have damaged parts replaced. Instead of using genuine components, users frequently install less expensive substitutes. Even though it could seem like a sensible method to cut costs, this might also have unfavourable effects. Genuine components come with a guarantee, however, subpar parts could break down without warning. This will increase the overall cost of replacement.


These are some of the actions you can do to improve your biking. Do not forget to purchase Bajaj Allianz bike insurance for your motorcycle in order to receive the defence you require.

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