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Are Guaranteed Return Life Insurance Plans Worth Buying?

Life insurance plans are essential to secure your loved ones from financial crises in your absence. Although the primary objective of life insurance plans is to protect your loved ones in case of your unfortunate demise. But, there are some life insurance plans that are savings oriented. A guaranteed return insurance plan is one such insurance plan. There are many other plans that offer savings benefits; these include the return of premium life insurance, etc.

What are Guaranteed Return Insurance Plans?

Guaranteed return insurance plans are savings-oriented life insurance that provides the dual benefits of guaranteed returns on the maturity of the plan and life insurance coverage. It is considered one of the best savings plans in India.

If you are considering guaranteed return insurance plans, here are the reasons why it is worth buying.

Why are Guaranteed Return Insurance Plans Worth Buying?

Here are some of the reasons why guaranteed return insurance plans are worth buying:

  • Guaranteed returns

The guaranteed return insurance plans promise guaranteed returns on the maturity of the plan. You can choose the amount of returns at the inception of your plan. This is a savings plan that promises guaranteed returns that can be utilised for fulfilling your family commitments and achieving your financial goals. You can choose the tenure of the plan as per your own needs.

  • Dual benefits

The guaranteed insurance plans offer life insurance coverage along with guaranteed returns. With these guaranteed returns, you can fulfil your goals and achieve the goals of your family, such as higher education for your child, the wedding of your child, etc. On the other hand, in case of your untimely demise during the policy tenure, your family will receive a death benefit that they can use to secure themselves financially. Thus, it is insurance with guaranteed returns and life cover.

  • Safe option

Insurance with guaranteed returns is a safe and secure option for investment. You will get fixed returns on the maturity of the plan, as these returns are not linked to the market. Similarly, the best return of premium life insurance also offers guaranteed returns that are decided at the inception of the policy. For instance, you can opt for this Tata AIA investment plan from the website of the insurer.

  • Flexible features

These guaranteed return insurance plans offer you flexible features so that you can pay the premiums and get the returns according to your own utility. For instance, the payment of the premium can be done monthly, semi-annually, annually, or quarterly. Also, you can pay the premium for a limited policy term.

Moreover, the returns of the plan can be received as per your own needs. For example, you can get returns in the form of a lump sum, regular income, or a combination of both of these. Therefore, if you want to generate regular income to get another source of income in the future, this might be the right plan for you.

  • Add-on covers

Like other life insurance policies, you can opt for riders with your plan. The riders will help you enhance the coverage offered by your guaranteed return insurance plan. With riders such as critical illness riders, you can get a lump sum if you are diagnosed with any of the listed critical illnesses.

  • Long-term investment advantage

With a guaranteed return insurance plan, you can invest for the long term and get guaranteed returns on maturity. The longer you can invest, the better returns you will be able to get. Also, if you buy the plan early, you can get a policy in exchange for lower premiums and for a longer tenure of the policy.

  • Tax benefits

You can avail of tax benefits on the policy. These tax benefits can be availed on premiums that you pay for the policy, and you can also get tax benefits on the death benefits.


A guaranteed return plan is one of the best savings plans in India that offers dual benefits of life coverage and guaranteed returns on maturity. You can use the life cover to secure your family financially in your absence. Also, the maturity benefit can be used to achieve your money goals. It is a safe and secure option to accumulate money over a longer period of time. Moreover, you can use the riders and tailor-made features to enhance the benefits offered by the guaranteed insurance policy.

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