5 Factors to Consider When Buying Concealed Carry Clothing

When you’re looking for concealed carry clothing, comfort and price are important. However, there are other considerations to make before committing to a purchase. 

  1. Do you need to carry other items?

Will you need to carry other items besides your EDC? Do you carry other forms of protection? Do you need extra pockets for your phone, keys, wallet, or other items? 

With the right concealed carry pants, you can comfortably carry other items like a taser, a blade, pepper spray, and even some personal items. For example, some tactical pants have hidden pockets in the waistband with a zipper. You can put valuables like jewelry or cash in the hidden pocket. 

There are also CCW pants that have extra pockets in the waistband for your phone. If you don’t like feeling heavy items in your cargo pockets, the waistband pocket is perfect. 

  1. Will you need to remove outer clothing in public?

Normally, you wouldn’t need to think about taking off your outer clothing in public. However, when you’re using your outer clothing to conceal your firearm, you have to plan ahead.   

In the winter time, you can wear a jacket with a built-in holster, but you’ll need to be careful about taking it off. For example, if you’re headed to a restaurant with your family, carry your firearm closer to your body so you can take off your jacket in the restaurant. 

You mostly need to be conscious of wearing heavy outer clothing items like jackets and hoodies to either carry or hide your EDC. In the summertime, it’s better to carry close to your body. If you get cold, you can always add more layers without worry. 

  1. Do you mind people seeing your belt?

Some EDC belts are thin so they can hold more weight. Some of these belts also have gigantic buckles that make you look like you have a spare tire around your waist. The tighter you cinch these belts, the more your EDC disappears. However, you’ll still have that spare tire look from the belt and buckle. 

A thick belt is good if you need to carry a heavier load and you don’t mind people seeing your belt through your t-shirt. However, if you prefer a low profile, get a thinner EDC belt without a large buckle. 

The Cobra Zenith belts are an all-time favorite because the buckle is thin and in line with the belt rather than a large protrusion in the middle of the belt. There are two small hidden pockets to hide things like keys and cash. These belts are a cinch to tighten and loosen – no notches required. 

  1. Do you want to carry without a belt?

For the times when you want to wear pants that don’t work with your carry belt, or if you just don’t like carrying anywhere on your waist, you’ll need a few different options. For example, you might want to get a leg holster or a shoulder holster to have both options. 

When you carry around your waist, you have an advantage. You can carry in any position around your waist with the same belt. When you carry in other locations, you need a different holster or different clothing item specifically for each location. 

  1. Are you going to be wearing body armor?

If you’re going to be wearing body armor while carrying in public, consider using the pockets or holster provided with the armor (if available). If not, you have to be aware of how your armor will affect your firearm. You won’t have quick access to your firearm unless you carry at your waist, but if you carry on your belt, your armor can interfere with your firearm. 

Depending on how long your armor is, you might not be able to carry at your side. It all depends on your body shape and the length of your torso. If your soft armor doesn’t wrap around, and it’s a little loose (like a soft armor hoodie), carrying at your waist will make it awkward to sit down. 

If you’re not feeling comfortable carrying your EDC in the holster that comes with your soft armor, it might be easier to carry around your ankle. Not everyone prefers carrying around their ankle, but it’s always an option. 

Try different concealed carry clothing items 

There’s a conceal-carry clothing item for everyone. If you haven’t found your perfect shirt, jacket, or tactical pants yet, keep looking. Check out reviews on YouTube before you buy, and don’t hesitate to sell items you can’t return.

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