We continue to review the brokerage company Larson&Holz, and today we will look at the types of trading accounts and the specifications of each of them.

Let’s start with the trading plan – Standard. That is, a standard trading account. It should be noted that in terms of its parameters, it is more suitable for traders who prefer aggressive trading. In other words, scalpers will appreciate this type of trading account. What are the parameters of the standard trading account. First, the trader receives a direct market spread. And this, as we know, is a huge advantage for scalpers and traders who trade within a day. The matter is that each broker establishes the values ​​of a spread on each separately taken trading instrument. Otherwise it can not be. After all, the spread is the earnings of a brokerage company, and if it does not expand the market spread, the company can safely close. Each broker has its own spread range. Who has more, who has less. But they expand the direct spread all. But the company Larson&Holz canceled spread expansion on the standard type of trading account. Now traders get such a spread, which is currently in the market. No more. Secondly, instant execution of orders. Any professional trader knows what the delay in execution of orders leads to. The order does not open according to the values ​​that the trader expected. This is, first of all, the loss of part of the profits. And if the delay occurs during the closing of the order, the loss of profit can reach large values. In principle, now all brokers are trying to improve the quality of execution of orders. But in any case, not at all it turns out. Nevertheless, Larson&Holz guarantees its customers instant execution of orders on any trading asset. By the way, the execution of trade orders is really instantaneous. Thirdly, the minimum deposit of a standard trading account is only $ 1,000. Many believe that Larson&Holz obviously overstated this value. This is not so, and it should be borne in mind that the average trader has large deposits on deposits. After all, you agree that you can earn from the same 10 or 20 dollars? Who decided to work in trading, and who have serious intentions regarding trade, always starts with a larger amount. Moreover, the company offers its customers to earn money, and not to bet in 1 or 2 dollars. However, technical support assured that the minimum deposit of a standard trading account will be reviewed by the company’s financial department. It is planned to reduce the minimum amount of the deposit. Finally, clients, opening a standard trading account, receive a bonus package ForexFamily as a bonus. The package includes a set of options for professional traders, such as an enhanced bonus system, interest accrual on deposit, and participation in contests. This program gives unlimited opportunities for traders. It is worth to look at it.

Trading plan – Safe. This type of trading account is perfect for traders who prefer the medium and long term. In fact, this is a conservative type of trading account. Since the spread does not matter much, after all, the trader works on long periods, the values ​​are close to the standard ones. They are slightly higher than in the previous plan, but are close to a direct market spread. The company Larson&Holz, meeting its customers, minimized it as much as possible. But there is an alternative. Zero spread. We all know that keeping an order open for a week is fraught with charging quite large swaps. Each broker has swaps, so you can not change anything. But since the Safe trade plan is conservative, the company withdrew the swaps. Now the order can be kept open for two months. This, an unconditional plus, since during this time a decent swap will come. As well as in the standard plan, instant execution of orders is guaranteed. There is also a ForexFamily program. The only difference is that the commission for some options of the program is reduced by 1 dollar. It would seem that such a dollar. But traders who actively use this program and often perform various actions within its framework, save on this decline quite large amounts.

Trading plan – Start. The statistics of Larson&Holz show that this trading plan is the most popular of all presented. First, the absence of requotes. That is, there is no slippage. Any trader can confirm that the requotes create huge problems in the course of trading. So, their absence significantly improves the results of trade. As for the spread, Larson&Holz has established acceptable values ​​for each trading asset. This is lower than that of other brokers. The advantages of a low spread are discussed above. Secondly, the volume of trade. It is also an important point for the trader. The company Larson&Holz has established the minimum possible value of 0.01 lot. There is nowhere else to go. Now the trader can trade with minimal risks. This is important for novice traders. The initial deposit is 250 dollars, which is not much for a beginner trader.

Trading plan – no-deposit Forex. The advantage is that the trader does not risk his money, but trades on the company’s money. It should be noted that the benefits are obvious. The profit is the property of the trader, and the company returns its money. The idea is excellent, as both sides earn.