You may have heard about borrowing money from banks, but you might not know that there are more benefits of borrowing money from Credit unions. Credit unions are non-profit community based organizations that work for its members.

Unlike banks, in Credit unions, you will face fewer problems with their process and services. Credit unions are basically community services, where members of the union lend their savings to one another and run the entire union.

Santa FE is the 4th largest city in the U.S., where indigenous Tanoan people used to reside several years ago.. With time the city grew and gave birth to the new city of Santa FE. It’s not hard to find banks in Santa FE, but if you’re wondering how to find credit unions in the city, look up the internet. All you need to do is search for Santa Fe Credit Union locations and you’ll get a long list on your screen.

Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU) is a non-profit organization owned by its members since 1954, making your life easier for today and forever. They provide you a safe place to save your money and let them grow, helping you to find your suitable loan. Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU) is the 6th largest credit union in the New Mexico.

Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU) has 6 service branches and full investment services as well as mortgage services. They also provide online services like mobile apps and telephone center services that allows you operate whenever you’re in need.

There are several benefits of Credit unions:

  • Credit unions focuses on building customer services rather than focusing on profit oriented services.
  • Opening account in a Credit union makes you a member of that union, giving you the opportunity to vote for the policies you feel are more convenient for you.
  • Credit unions do not deduct fees for ATM transactions. Also, other fees are comparatively lesser than banks.
  • Unlike banks where you need to qualify to take a loan, in Credit union the officer himself/herself helps you to find which loan would be better for you.

  • Savings rate are higher and interest rates are lower on loans than compared to banks.
  • Credit unions belong to the National Credit Union Association, so you can be sure that your funds are safe.

It’s very easy to borrow money from a Credit union. All you have to do is:

  1. Find a Credit union and become its member.
  2. Provide identification proof.

It’s also very easy to pay back loans to Credit unions. Though all Credit unions do not offer all the methods, most of them provide the following methods:

  • You can give face-to-face payments.
  • You can give payment from Direct Debit of your bank account.
  • You can also pay directly from your wages if your employer has links with the credit union.
  • You can also payback through Paypoint cards that are available in some local shops.
  • You can also payback directly from the benefits that you have earned.

Credit unions do not just give you the loan, but also makes sure that you can repay it. So, instead of wasting your time being worried about taking huge loans from the banks, avail the offers that credit unions are offering for a better future.