Buying gold bars secures a lifetime of benefits. More than the profits you gain when gold prices rise, gold serves as a protection to your wealth and buying power during a crisis.  If you are looking to buy gold, follow the steps below to get your investing right:

  • Know How Much you Can Invest

The amount of gold to buy depends on the level of benefits you want to enjoy. To help you decide, consider the benefits of owning gold. First, investing in gold is less risky than other investment opportunities. This is because prices of gold tend to rise when the stock market is down. Also, gold will last for many generations. While stocks and bonds may not last for centuries, gold will. All kinds of crises will occur in your lifetime and your gold will keep your portfolio strong.

  • Pick the Right Gold Bar Size that Suits Your Budget

You can find gold bars in various sizes. As a new gold investor, you can start with one ounce, ten ounces, and one kilogram of gold. Organizations, bullion-backed ETFs, and commodity exchanges purchase 100 ounces and 400 ounces of gold bars. Know that bigger bars let you pay smaller premiums per ounce. A lot of investors prefer to purchase small bars because not many investors can afford to purchase a 100-ounce bar. This means that you will have fewer possible buyers if you decide to sell your bars later. High net worth investors will want to purchase both small and big bars.

  • Get your Gold from a Trusted Bullion Dealer

Ensure you purchase your gold from a trusted and reputable bullion dealer like city gold bullion. The company should have many years of experience and happy customers. Find a dealer that aims to educate you about gold buying instead of focusing on getting a sale. Established dealers should have a range of product selections and have a buyback policy in place. When choosing dealers, compare the total cost that includes credit card or bank wire fees, commission, insurance and shipping.

  • Look for Proper Gold Markings when Buying Gold

After finding the right dealer, purchase gold bars that have proper markings. These markings include the gold bar weight, registration number, refiner, and purity which are stamped on them. Purchase only gold with these markings. Also, get it from a reputable brand. Hallmark gold bars that are properly stamped can be sold easily anywhere in the world.