If you are tiding through rough financial times, online installment loans can be really useful. Installment loans are repaid in easy monthly installments, and the requirements are pretty basic, much like other unsecured short-term lending options such as payday loans. Here’s what you must know about no credit check loans online instant approval.

Requirements at a glance

The applicant needs to be a legal USA resident aged 18 or above. He/she must also have an address proof and relevant contact details. The applicant should have a stable and legal job with a steady income and must also have an active bank account, where the loan amount can be deposited.

Things that matter

You will find many websites for online installment loans, and while these are not direct lenders, they connect you to their network of lenders. Just fill up the application form, and the loan can be approved in a day, thanks to 24/7 assistance. In most cases, applicants get the money in their account within one or two business days. You can borrow as much as $3,000 through installment loans, but keep in mind that the norms and laws related to personal loans vary in each state. As far as credit score is concerned, some lenders may choose to ignore the same, but it can influence the terms and conditions of the lending. The interest rate of installment loans is usually high, as these are unsecured loans that don’t require a detailed background check.

Other aspects at a glance

You can choose to repay the loan ahead of the due date, and unlike payday loans, you don’t have to pay prepayment penalties. Also, if you cannot repay the loan in time, you can ask for an arrangement with the lender. Please note that such extensions can be expensive, which is why installment loans are best repaid in time. With that said, it must be mentioned that this is a highly regulated industry, which means lenders cannot unlawfully charge borrowers. Check the personal loan laws, fees, terms and conditions in your state to know.


Installment loans are no means to mask unwanted spending. However, when you are in a fix, you can use the money to pay bills, dues and consolidate your debts. Since the money is paid in installments, it doesn’t really affect the next paycheck. Check online and apply right away to know if you can get an unsecured instant loan.